Naked Elvis Cleaning Company

Providing a unique experience to hundreds of happy customers since 1998
Owned and operated by Julie C. Young and Cailey L. Ward.

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About us

In 1997, Julie and Cailey were distressed about the amount of cleaning they had to do around their house. They had tried various cleaning companies but none of these offered an entertaining experience. The idea came to them to start a cleaning company that would be able to fulfill all of their cleaning desires, but they didn't want to start just any cleaning company. They had recently discovered Elvis and his music and decided to incorporate this new love of Elvis into their company. The idea for an Elvis cleaning service was born. Shortly thereafter the idea of having naked Elvi cleaning their home appealed to them even more. This now combined their hatred of cleaning, their love of Elvis and their desire to see Elvis naked all in one useful service.

Elvis' Picture

Special thanks goes to Derek Wueppelmann who helped us so much in training our Elvi